You Did A Great Debut Kubraa READY

Actress, model, Emcee Kubraa SAIT is in seventh heaven when she is "ready" to make his debut in Bollywood big bang. The source of inspiration, captivating and energetic actress plays an important role in the starring Salman Khan, directed by Anees Bazmee and produced by READY Sohail Khan. Glam multi-talented amateur, who is also a standup artist, is surprised to loan, but is very secretive about it.

Kubraa also be seen in another project with Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut directed by Radhika and Vinay Sapru. And yes, as well as Salman Khan, who also loves Shah Rukh Khan!

Kubraa Sait says .. 'Well, FIRST is an important milestone in my career and I enjoyed the film, in Colombo, and Mumbai, and even shopping in Bangkok after I have brought a different dimension at the time of my presentations, and Energy Salman Khan, PARTNER go to the movies as it makes me smile and I'm looking forward to it. every movie I've actually had a scene in which his film is set, which was so incredibly improvised, which made that scene in the usual pleasure of all, and we laughed a lot and when I was gushing, he said - Dekha Yeh AISE react kar Rahi jets have Oscar Award-winning stage Kiya Hai. So his natural talent you keep on your toes point I am grateful that a small but significant part of the film industry. "

Bangalore girl Kubraa Knows participated in various events live on stage and was also a radio host in Dubai. She was one of many movies ads. She also hosted "Stars Ka Tadka 'with Sharman Joshi and many other stars in the food supply channel.

Kubraa began his acting career with a short film directed by Niraj Mehta capital. His latest projects include a cross of a few international film Ali Mostafa F CITY LIFE. Sony BMG clip ended in Mumbai. He was also a finalist in the Miss India World in February 2009 in Durban - which also won the Miss Personality.


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