Zarin Khan Has Found Love? Industries Kiss With A Mystery Man

Zarina Khan may have found love. Salman Khan, the blue-eyed girl had stains on the mystery man Worli nightclub over the weekend.

A witness revealed: ". Zarina walked about 1 hour with a group of friends had a couple of guys and a girl in his band, his brother was also present ..

She was wearing a white top and black mini skirt and had a heart tattoo inked on his left ankle. One guy in particular stands out as an object of attention. "

The source added: "They were very comfortable with each other's company and was seen ingratiate. Zarine and this guy has to shower each other in loving peck on the cheek, holding hands and embraced.

Interestingly, when you hit the dancefloor, the DJ played his hit "Ready, Hai Dheela character."

Our source does not get the guy's name, but described their appearance, "It's just a normal guy to build and slightly shorter than the height Zarina. He was dressed in jeans and white shirt with gray stripes and has a spiky hair. "

At first, he denied having been at the club Zarina. She says. "I was in Goa" When I said I had proof, that immediately changed his statement, adding: "I am a bit confused. I went last weekend for my birthday."

Asked about the mystery man, he says, "He is a dear friend. The reason was because it was nice to him holding a party for me." But he argued that they are not dating, "I'm very well together."


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