Mallika Wants A Game!

She was brushing shoulders with the biggest names in Hollywood at the Oscar after-party earlier this year. Last month, she walked the red carpet at Cannes with Pirates Of The Caribbean: A Stranger Tides Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.

A few weeks before the trip, she was in the White House, shaking hands president Barack Obama, which she describes as "the most powerful man on this planet", just hours after he had signed off death of Osama bin Laden.

Life has been a roller coaster ride in Beverly Hills in his Mercedes 500 SL Mallika Sherawat or should we say, Reema Lamba, who has come a long way in a patriarchal family Rohtak, Haryana, where even today Women are confined to their home. She receives fan mail from girls in his home country, who look up to her as a model.

'I invaded my own system to make room for little here, taking the blue-blooded self-proclaimed Bollywood by surprise. And I did it without a famous name first or last, a boyfriend or a sponsor, says with pride. "Somehow, I see a parallel with Obama, who as a black man entered the halls of the White House and changed the order of centuries. "

If there is something missing Mallika today, has a soul mate, you can share his story with incredible success. Yes, Mallika-e-Azam is looking Shahenshah-e-Azam. "There are a lot of suitors, including Los Angeles, who are always asking me out. But when they find out that I go to bed at 9 pm and I am a strict vegan, I'm like" Excuse me, you do not live in a breath of fresh air? "He laughs.

It's not all. The actor, who created last year, "Hisssstory" do not smoke or drink. And she is a monster of yoga. "Where can I find a guy who is all that and more?" she sighs.

Well, there's Sting, in a concert in Los Angeles with his serenade one of their favorite songs, "Desert Rose ...'. Post the show, Mallika has been presented to him and spent some time chatting. Now it is said that if Sting visits to India, Mallika could accompany or even share the stage with him.

"Do not give me much. I'm just an actor trying to learn my craft," he said. "But being on the same stage as Sting would be an honor for any Indian. I have said it is interested in yoga. I do not know if you smoke and drink and a vegetarian is good. Without this, all the rights of Mr. would be a mistake. "


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