Salman Khan Again Fined For Smoking In Public Places

Bollywood stars may be idols for millions of fans across the country, but certainly not without its flaws. Smoking is a bad guy that most Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and agents and Shahrukh Khan has been fined for lighting cigarettes in public places.

This time Salman Khan came under the influence of the law and was sentenced to a fine of RS. 200 for smoking in a public place during the filming of his movie Bodyguard in Patiala, Punjab. A photograph of Sallu Bhai was published in the Daily News on Saturday that showed the smoking Salman Neemrana Hotel where the filming is happening.

Smoking in public places is banned in Patiala. Yes, Salman was charged Rs. 200 fine for the district authorities on Tuesday, which, incidentally was also World No Tobacco Day. The hotel authorities also issued a Challan.

It is worth mentioning here that Salman Khan was sentenced twice for the same offense in 2009 that authorities Karali nearby town of Mohali.


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