Shah Rukh Is Nurtured Young Talent "

She has 28 years, wrote a book, is a London School of Economics (LSE) and former student wrote the screenplay and dialogues RA.One Shah Rukh Khan, considered to be more expensive Bollywood film. Kanika Dhillon, director of creative content Shah Rukh Leisure red peppers, "said the star is one of the few Bollywood producers who feed on young talent.

"When I came to work in Mumbai, I knew I wanted to work with Shah Rukh Khan. Look what he did where he came from ... and what it is today. Its success is a fable! "Dhillon, a native of Amritsar, said.

"It is among the few people who feed the young talent in the industry, without looking at the background, experience, age and other such things. He is one of the few who are so clued in that the younger generation likes and dislikes. .. and that's what makes him who he is, "she added. Dhillon is ready to launch his first novel," Bombay duck is a fish "on Monday. The book traces the journey of a small town in the countries of the Commonwealth Neki girl who, like countless other fascinating people, leaving his hideout business and come to Mumbai to make it big as a filmmaker Bollywood.

And like many, Neki is too in love with King Khan. Neki story is very similar to Dhillon.

Familiarity with the girl, who graduated from the University of Delhi, St. Stephen 's College, went to study in the LSE with a large media and communications, because of his parents, who were the targets of his film "disgrace".

But Dhillon, who began his visit Bollywood as an assistant director Farah Khan Om Shanti Om, says his book is only 30 percent of his own life.

"My book does not take into account the way in Bollywood. Captures the human emotions behind wanting to meet his own fate. It is a story of human passion, love, faith, betrayal, success and all those emotions that we are in the way of his dreams, "he said.

When Shah Rukh has been described as a phenomenon in his book, it's only appropriate that he wanted the book to reveal a superstar. Dhillon, and there are more than happy to have accepted without hesitation.

"I worked with Shah Rukh in five years. But the feeling was fantastic when he said yes to launch my book. It was a great news for me. For two days I could not believe it had to start my book, but it was very encouraging of the platform, "says Dhillon.

"If people find that reading the book turns out to be a good viewing experience, I would like to make a script. But it depends on how it has received," he added.

direction of the film is also the spirit of Dhillon - who consider it a "natural progression" for all movie buffs.

For now, however, she looks forward to the launch of his book and the release of Ra.One, which gave some comforting dialogue as "Some heroes wear a mask, which has a heart."


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