Sonakshi Kicks More Meat On Role In "Kick '

Following the success of Dabangg, Sonakshi Sinha actress was paired against Salman Khan again in decline, but this time give way to the screen much more.

"Kick is a remake of a film from South India. The girl has more to do. It's a damn good role. I am very kicked about it. Yes, there is certainly much greater opportunity for me to blow Dabangg. And I I'll make the most of it, "said the newcomer at ease.

The actress also speaks of his brother, Kush, and his plan to help Dabangg Director Abhinav Kashyap Kush wants to direct films. He helps Abhinav directing commercials. I do not think Abhinav directing another film soon. If and when Abhinav makes the film, I'd like to be part of it, if he wants me. "

It also talks about how his father Shatrughan Sinha hosted "Kaun Banega Crorepati" in the Bhojpuri language.

"I had never seen him speak in Bhojpuri. He did very well. I'm looking forward to a movie with my father."

She now has three films back to back. "There's Kick with Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar with Rowdy Rathore and Vishwaroopam with Kamal Hassan. Then there Dabangg 2 arrives. "

To receive Vishwaroopam Sonakshi for sports, both Indian and Western aspect. "I like to see me in sari. I hope I have to wear lots. We start shooting in June. "

Producers will have to wait years Sonakshi in no time. "I can not do more projects in years."

One with Ranveig Singh as she was so anxious? "This is a whole package of talent, is not it? Yes, we talk about a project with him. It would be a good combination."

The actress also says she feels smarter. "I realized a lot about myself. Like when pushed against the wall, I can fight. I can handle all the pressure. Yes, there were many attempts to corner me. But, fortunately, I I have taken the blows on the chin. "


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