Under 25 Can Not Drink Alcohol, Bollywood Reacts

While many of the Bollywood have harshly to the recent decision of the Government of Maharshtra of raising the eligibility age 21-25 alcohol, some do not support the government's decision.

Veteran stars Hema Malini, an active member of the Bharatiya Janata Party policy supports the government's decision. "I think it's a very good decision," he said.

Director Anant Mahadevan is all for the ban. "I support the motion because the snuff and alcohol are the substances most abused. I say why not also ban cigarettes for less than 25 years?" Detach and Hema Malini Mahadevan is an actor and activist Shabana Azmi, who thinks that this decision is important because of the increasing abuse of alcohol.

"It was not ad hoc. The latest research shows that consumption of alcohol among young people has reached dangerous levels and frequency of drink-driving accidents has increased among young people, even if we reduce the older generations. This is a great hard liquor is not served in public places, though still drink in private, but at least in a safe environment, "said Azmi.

But supporters of the ban are very small compared to those who do not fully agree with views Azmi.

Director Rahul Dholakia, who is doing the banning of the film, says: "I think if you can not vote for the government in 18 years, you are obviously an adult who can decide what is right or wrong for you and your country."

Director Ram Gopal Varma hits of the new law. "They should increase the minimum voting age of 25, because I can not understand how, if a boy under 25 is the standard to decide if he or she should drink or not, is qualified to decide who forms the government."

Actor Shekhar Suman believes that law is "strange" and "stupid."

"I think someone thought of this dazed. In a country where the voting age and were married for 18 years, I do not think the government has any business telling adults when cursed to drink," he said.

Director Jagmohan Mundhra said the ban will increase the sale of alcohol.

"Instead of banning things would be even more favored when prohibited, the government should focus on educating young people about responsible behavior. Banning alcohol will only encourage illegal trade, and criminalization," said said.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt seems to be the right age is 21 "25 is a bit 'too much in my opinion. 21 seems right. If you're responsible enough to vote at age 21, she is responsible enough to hold your drink," he says.

"If we think, we try not to say democratic," says producer Vipul Shah.

Rubbishing ban, Pooja Bedi actress said: "Absolutely absurd alcohol can de-stress, calm you and you can be healthy when taken in moderation can we get married, have sex, childbirth, labor , pay taxes to vote, to 18 ... etc. But we can not drink! "

Mahesh Bhatt believes that the government does not enforce this rule. "How will you apply this new rule?" he asked.

But the actor Ronit Roy believes that tough sanctions should be given to drinking and driving instead of passing these laws.

"Where did it come from? ... Instead, these laws, we must have a public statement of organizations responsible for drinking and tougher action on alcohol-related offenses including driving drunk. I think that drinking more than we need to prevent drug abuse, "he says.

Similarly, actor Kabir Bedi slams right "crap." "It 's success as the liquor license of every drinker in Mumbai is supposed to be. Scrap stupid laws. Do not do more. You have more important things to worry about."

Shekhar Kapoor believes the law will not followed.

"They say that can not be served drinks. This also means that they can not take you?" he asks.


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