Aamir - The Almighty

"I am seriously considering to believe Aamir Khan." This is what Ram Gopal Varma tweeted After observing the applause and the incredible success Aamir Khan Productions' "Delhi Belly." Tweet Ramu said he had never believed in Ram Allah or Jesus, but given the that Aamir Khan Productions' successful projects - "Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par and Delhi Belly" has done, he can not help but start to believe Aamir Khan. Ramu Aamir gauge will flash as the producer and the kind of movie experimental, it is churning.

Tweet Ramu says that the success of "Delhi Belly" him and makes him feel like insects crawling under a rock and die in solitude. It not only makes things possible that the credit goes to Aamir, but the success of the film, it just makes me think that people should stop trusting in God and believe all AK.

Ironically, RGV has not seen this movie again because it believes that the subject does not respond to your liking. And yet, "Aamir - The Almighty" for him.


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