Bhatt, Emran Hashmi Alliance Ends?

Everyone knows that if it is a Mukesh Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt and output should be the main actor Emraan Hashmi.

Since the debut of Path Hashmi in 2003, all projects Vishesh Films have shown her leading role, not only Dhoka (2007), where the model Muzammil Ebrahim launched. But things are changing rapidly Bhatt camp.

As we come to know that his next project will be based on non-Hashmi and Kunal Khemmu as the hero. The film even includes a cameo of his favorite actor.

Kunal Khemmu to return to the Bhatt camp said: "We're going way back I made my first role as a child in the Bhatt" Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke I have one of my most important roles in Zakhm again as a child actor for them ... Then I did Kalyug. "

"Yes, we talked for some time. Now I'm doing a film that turns the story of a man living abroad, of his dreams, adventures and misadventures," he said.

Kunal has not only excited about the return of Bhatt camp after Kalyug, is also excited about the film is shot in Belgium.

"It 'the first time that Hindi film was shot in Belgium. We have chosen some great places.'ll Start shooting for two weeks," he added.

The film is directed by Vishal Mahadkar who was deputy director Bhatt for some time now.

Vishal has recently been in the news apparently came to blows with Mohit Suri Bhatt favorite course Udit Goswami. Kunal will play opposite Amrita Puri Aisha of Fame.


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