Bipasha-Shahid, Bollywood's New Partner

Bipasha Basu's secret is out!

News says that a bong and a girl cutie Shahid might be a hot new pair of B-Town. His friends speak of a mystery new man in their lives for weeks, but the dark is dating an actress so far only "new person" refuses to reveal his identity.

A source says, "For more than a month, Bipasha has a very soft spoken in his life. She was telling his friends that he is a young man eligible showered with gifts and much needed attention. That came from her friends about how "sweet and loving" is. Beeps argues that even if not taken seriously, however, was his persistent courtship and enjoy the warmth of their worship. "

Well, Shahid tones and collage was very late. Thank you to their common interest - Fitness - they were introduced by the coach Shahid Abbas.

The duo along like a house on fire, so that Shahid Bipasha is called a special party hosted by a very close friend of his renewed Andheri pad.


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