Comment By Katrina On Rahul Gandhi, The Political Circle Of Angers

Katrina Kaif in a recent comment on Rahul Gandhi's citizenship, has had a good hallaballa in political circles.

Apparently, Kats was literally sick of being called into question from time to time on their nationality. She replied, "Do I have to feel ashamed that I am half Asian, half European, I mean, no, Rahul Gandhi is half of half Indian, Italian. What?"

Reacting to his comments, a spokesman Manish Tewari Congress breathe fire Kats words,

"Katrina Kaif, who do not know. Tomorrow, you can ask our opinion on the Johny Lever reaction," said Manish Tewari.

However, after being interviewed by a news channel to clarify his comment, said Katrina

"The comment was misinterpreted, the comment was taken out of context, but having said that, if I have harmed anyone, I deeply regret, had no intention (to hurt anyone) at all. But I also ask the media please do something controversial was not said with malice, "said Katrina.


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