Emraan-Vidya To Get Super-close "dirty Image"

Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan, all ready to raise the mercury levels are very high in Milan Luthra is Dirty Picture. Well, Vidya Balan adds screen Emraan to lip-lock list. They also have a couple of scenes with romantic hot and steaming numbers.

From 'Dirty Picture "is the first film, the two shows together, the instructor is doing all it can to wipe the awkwardness between the two and make them as comfortable as possible. He is the first time warp to the "light" scenes from the film and then the high voltage to them.

"Their chemistry is very natural. So Milano decided to plan" sexy "portions for later," says a source.

"In the romantic song that will be shot in Ramoji Film City Rao, Hyderabad, they will be forced to block the lips to bring out the love and intimacy of their own characters," reveals a source

The film is Emraan plays a filmmaker who is attracted to Vidya Balan. Vidya plays the character based on sex siren Silk Smitha South.

"She has never played such character before. So she works hard to ensure that absolutely no awkwardness in meeting the screen, "says a source connected with the film.

But Vidya and Emraan is quite comfortable with each other on set.


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