Farhan, Hrithik & Abhay: Bromancers

If it's a film about male bonding and friends, have fun together, then multicast by Excel Entertainment Zindagi Na Dobaara Milega is to ensure that they are going all the way in the spirit of the film.

When we met movie actors Farhan Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan and Abhay Deol Delhi, the trio has assured us that their bond is a collection of goods, Lore "bromantic" did! And not because I could not believe, to see the camaraderie on display.

Asked if they had preconceived notions about others who were broken when they met on the set. While Farhan was in Lakshya Hrithik is the first time in the camera together. Abhay has given us no nonsense, straight to the first, saying: "Never judge people because I've tried many times. People say, 'We thought so, but it is not." So I do not judge. But I had a great time on sets. It's a film about friends to travel, have fun and participate in adventures. That's what we did. Farhan I always thought he seemed calm and relaxed, but it was intense. And it is exactly. Hrithik know for a while and was always a gentleman. This is a part of him never changed. "

Hrithik and Farhan, meanwhile, has convinced us that the three of them were really bromancing each other in games. A Farhan said: "We came alone and left alone! But seriously, it would have been boring if it was stuck. Abhay and I flew to Spain together and by the time they reached the hotel, I knew it was Abhay. I has said everything. "

Before Abhay could react, Hrithik said, "I do not think anyone has any preconceived ideas about anyone, so just knowing more about each other. In fact, actually grew closer. The only thing that really did not get a picture! "

Before the end of what he said Farhan contributed to say. "Bromantic each other really" Hrithik just put the icing on the cake, to conclude our conversation by saying, "Yeah, right. Bromantic So we have had to stop just before getting intimate. Need I say more? "We think not!


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