Friday Soundtrack

Last Friday saw the release of two films - Delhi belly and Bbuddah ... Terra Baap Hoga. The two most successful films in reality than expected. While New Delhi belly was a new experience and received rave reviews and applause Bbuddah Amitabh saw the return of the seventies and eighties, once again proves that Big B is in fact the superstar "of the Millennium Declaration." Well, it was last Friday, which is this week?

This Friday we have two versions, Murder 2 and Chillar Party. We know, of course, what is the larger of two films, Murder 2, and as expected, left the wheel. Chillar Party, a small film that will depend on a lot of word of mouth. What are the preliminary reports of Murder 2 is not only high in kissing, but the content is also high. Chillar Party, is also picking up good reviews.


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