How Kareena Kapoor Lost Weight 60kgs To 48 Kg - Imaging System On TV In India

Kareena Power Map India TV has been read, the correction can be quickly wrote fast?

1. Morning tea / coffee

2. Breakfast with a bowl of muesli with nuts or two parathas

and dairy products

3rd Lunch and dinner consists of chapatis with lots of green

From vegetables and

4. Snacks every three hours, with nuts and milk energy

5. No rice

6. Two bottles of drinks electral

7. He says he loves cheese and eats at least a portion

due to its content of protein and fatty acids

8. Dal dinner salad

9. Yoga Exercise: 1000 No Kapalbharti and

50 times Surya Namaskar

True and Yoga diet helps to reduce weight drastically in a short time? I need to lose 10 kg per doctor advise?


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