"I Kalki And If Along Very Well" - Katrina Kaif

Finally, Katrina has found a friend in the film industry. For Katrina, he has never been easy bonding with women co-stars. So much so that it is reluctant to make two-heroine film Anurag Basu is Barfee recently. In fact, she refused several plum assignments in the past because it would not be opposed to another female actress.

But Kalki Koechlin was an exception. Contrary to reports Kalki Koechlin and Katrina Kaif, the two "K" just made a movie together Zindagi Na Milega Dobara have much in common and get along like a house on fire.

Kalki, we must remember, came in a part originally intended for Katrina Dibakar Bannerjee in Shanghai. It does not prevent them from being friends. They both pooh-pooh the reports they had a bad connection together.

It seems Katrina Kalki has monopolized all the limelight of publicity ZNMD?

Kalki wonders who spread these rumors. "Instead, Katrina and I get along well. She is calm and relaxed, "she said.

Katrina is still more say in his denial of any stress between, "is considered almost inevitable for two actresses to fight for when they work together. But those who are looking for a battle between us is just hot off the wrong way. And I though the Kalki along very well. I'm sorry to deceive some of the people. But I and the Kalki to come without any major problems. "

As Hurricane Katrina in the corners of all the publicity notes pragmatically, "It is a film about a single player. This is a casting, as Dil Chahta Hai Farhan & Rock On. We are equally important."


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