Imran Won In A Bath Of Soniya

Imran Khan can be seduced in unlikely places, "short-term bath Shaadi 'stalls Imran Khan will be reluctant to short-term seduction Shaadi Shakun Batra. In the bathroom, no less! Seductress will play the star Soniya Mehra.

A source said: "As it will be the first stage of Imran, was the producer and director Karan Johar Batra to explain and convince him to do the scene that was shot on sets."

IK character is an architect Rahul obsessive-compulsive who can not tolerate anything out of place to the crease in his trousers for the right amount of shine on his shoes.

Imagine the situation facing the possibility of a confined space of a bathroom cabinet full of germs!

The source added: ". In this scene, a quote with the character Soniya, wearing a short dress She playful with him, after him the men's room, even in the cabin, in

She pushed against the wall, trying to undress, lick and kiss at the same time!

The scene starts with a bad temper and ends quite comical. "


The more it is to succeed, the more frightening. Finally, he opened the shower, to do. Soniya hardened he looked in amazement.

The inspiration for the character of Imran? Apparently, the actor is like in real life. "Shakuni simply observe these features are incorporated in the STS and exaggerated for effect."


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