Indie Music Strikes Bollywood

For a brief time in 90 years, Bollywood has collaborated with artists like Lucky Ali, Silk Road and colonial cousins, but the enthusiasm faded as quickly as it began. The shortage of new talent, and does not help either.

Off late, however, the indie scene has been able to

carve out a niche for itself,

and seems to be willing to give the film industry, once again with a new enthusiasm. You could say that the alarm was Anurag Kashyap of Black Friday (2004), whose soundtrack was composed by folk-rock band Indian Ocean.

This year, films such as Satan and 404: Have not found error dabbled with indie artists like Suman Sridhar, Imaad Shah, the Society of pulp and metal shop Bhayanak Maut for their music. And the coming months exacerbate this trend. Ramgopal Varma is not a love story, due for release in August, will see the singer Arijit Datta Airport sing the song Pal '... ". Then there Ghosh Neeraj BO, a remake of the all gone Pete Tong, which features music composed entirely by Midival Punditz colloboration in fusion with the artist Karsh Kale. "It's a good time to independent music scene in India, and finally everyone has set up with her - including Bollywood," says Tapan Raj Midival Punditz.

And perhaps the greatest year of cooperation with Karoge Mujhse Fraaandship Yash Raj banner that people can see the artist in turn, Raghu Dixit of Bollywood music director for the first time. Ask the reason for this sudden large-scale indie-mainstream crossover, and Raghu says: "It is because Bollywood is changing, thematically. It has become real, and these films require a new sound card, because there are a lot of cool filmmakers and producers who have brought a whole new vision to the fore. "

Agnee Rock Band, which make up the soundtrack of the movie Aalaap (slated for September) does not want to miss. "The public's taste has changed a lot," says the singer Mohan Strain. "Ten years ago, as the soundtrack to the Dev D would not work. But today, because the listeners are experimental," he adds.

But every coin has two sides. Are there any creative limits by soundtrack of a film rather than making a personal project? Mohan said: "If you had asked this question a few months ago, I told you categorically that compose music for a film is the worst that can happen to a musician takes time to get used to the new configuration. but things are now different and better. "

With reference to any reason for any dispute, Tapan quips in, "There are many people involved in a film - the sound is just one facet of the whole production so it should be in sync with the film is a painter a picture .. can not change the face, right? "


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