Kareena Kapoor's Diet Secrets Revealed

Kareena Kapoor has become a writer by your dietitian Rujuta Diwekar! Confused? Good service has written a foreword in the book bestseller Rujuta Diwekar not lose his head, loses weight and has shown his breakfast secrets that lead to their size zero figure.

"Rujuta changed my perception of the plans and diets. She taught me to eat well, eat well and eat regularly. I started working with her at the time they began working on Tashan. The results are for everyone.

My size zero has become a matter of national interest. The media asked me if it's food or exercise. It was a combination of both, food 70% and 30% of exercise training and yoga, "said Kareena in his preface.

Rujuta includes my work and lifestyle and diet gave me a completely customized to my needs. My diet of the working day is different from my diet the day of shooting. Varies, even in the days of shooting, because it is different if I have to dance or act. The food is planned according to my activity level. "

"In Mumbai, my breakfast cereal and milk or coffee or chillah parathas, no chai or during the shooting of Tashan in Ladakh, I ate fresh fruit for breakfast and for my Momo and thukpas other meals I had tea without milk ... Pudina.

The last day I was allowed to pizza as well. In Kerala, idlis and Appam had. In Italy, risotto and pasta was the gorgonzola cheese;. Half portions, so, it is full "

"I make sure I eat every two hours. My snack or evening meal, soy milk or a sandwich. Rujuta focuses on nutrition, not calories. Surprisingly, she likes to keep the nutritional value of what you eat, compared to high calorie consumption.

I learned what she wants when she says, "be smart about food," and still enjoy

what you eat. Now, thanks to this book, you can (learn to) too and I'm sure you will find it good enough to eat ", landed the superstar slim and beautiful.

Rujuta Diwekar book does not waste your mind, lose your weight is currently selling like hotcakes and is available in bookstores.


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