Katrina Kaif: Let The Kiss Alone!

Kissing scenes in Bollywood has always made headlines sensation. It is therefore not surprising that the locking lip is split between Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in Na Zindagi Dobara Milega (ZNMD) is also creating ripples. But Katrina is not fun and remain completely unchanged. The actor feels too much attention is given to the scene.

"Why give so much importance? I do not think the movie is even worth talking about. People do not go see the movie just to kiss, I can promise you. Personally too, I do not give him any attention. People will come if they are interested in the film, such as promotions, or if they like the atmosphere of the film, "she said." It's part of a working actor. "

Recently, there has been full of conversations that decision-makers were confused ZNMD Katrina-Hrithik kiss. They were considered to be of two minds about how much more needs to be maintained in order to determine the film. But apparently, kisses in the final version remains unchanged.

This is not the first time that Katrina has locked lips films. Gulshan Grover kiss with her for her debut film Boom (2003) was removed from the initial version of the DVD, but it is reportedly set to appear in new versions. But he did not care for her first screen kiss too much disclosure. "What is there to respond, and what's new in these scenes?" He said a couple of months ago. The actor was also added that he has not challenged the earlier scenes, he was not satisfied.

But Katrina has clearly excited to share screen space Hrithik for the first time. "It 'a person incredible talent. I always wanted to work with him and I'm glad that the opportunity was now. You can really learn a lot of concentration and devotion to him," he says.

Like gears up to release ZNMD, director Zoya Akhtar and his team have served several promotional activities, including a merger with UTV Movies and the entire cast will travel by road from Mumbai Gurgaon. Ask Katrina on working with the second wife of the director, after Farah Khan (Tees Maar Khan, 2010) and she shrugs: "A man or woman director ... is not important to me. In fact, I see no difference. Or are you a good manager or not, and I hope I found a good director (in Zoya Akhtar). "


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