Our Problem Is People Who Have Big Brains, But Small Brains: Anil

Milan, Toronto, Los Angeles and runs a stop on the way to Mumbai, Delhi, - rather than an international traveler you've come, eh? You are repositioned as a global profile in the face of Indian cinema last 24-odd months ...

No, no (laughs). I have no repositioned, it just happens ... Organically, for example. I traveled a lot, though, and it's fun. I was lucky that occurs without conscious effort.

I have been involved in the shooting and offered messages from the campaign against human trafficking Freedom Project. This is a very intense project. The overall project - these ads are coming from all over the world.

You must send someone to give her about her new shoes collected in Los Angeles. But considering that you said you did not know that Danny Boyle was when the offer of "Slumdog Millionaire" has arrived, and asked him, and said it should take, you should introduce your child a new pair of shoes every time you travel now internationally recognized as a face!

You're the second person who told me that! When I say no to something for my son, said: "How can you do this, is the key person in" Slumdog "trip? Not that I could not afford to travel abroad, but now it happens very organic . Well, I'm going to keep the shoes, I guess!

Yes, it is very organic, and your international profile is not the model Mallika Sherawat has global glory photo shoot, right?

Oops! No comments! (Evil Smile, repressed)

When "Slumdog" made the first lap of film and begins to create waves, I remember that, for months, not a word came out in the media, and we asked you about it and you said "Koi Ladki Nahin Hoon Main Sundar Warna yeh ban gayi new AB tak Hoti" ...

Yes, I remember.

At that point, no one was willing to take the film seriously. I remember, I sent a reply that was received in Toronto, where everyone said to take an Oscar, and the editor called me to say "I'm sorry, but yahaan ISKO chhaap Nahin Rahe". I remember they were going to meet Aamir and I jokingly said that if you do not believe this is a story, tell him, at least - have that kind of fun to the Aamir equation. It 'been a non-news for everyone, and at that time, or people (Delhi Times) were the first to follow the potential if this was on the road and talk about it. Today, even if one does not do things, it becomes spoken!

You are now the importance of media attention, or otherwise affect your work? What to bring a group of people who are happy that the "Mission: Impossible 4 Trailer 'did not you? Have you seen Tweet Shirish Kundera is a reflection of the mentality of the great Indian Crab?

I was in Los Angeles, I heard. Shirish and I'm glad some people longer to react in that way.

So, you want some kind of problem Anil Kapoor formal declaration of right trailer to save the speculators little stress?

Of course. First, let me say the obvious, that the way was a trailer that is their prerogative, not mine. In fact, I'm glad I'm not here because it is very clear that I am only a cameo in the film. And to me, asked about Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams as part of his film - which is the best compliment. Even if it was only a go at the game, I was very proud to be part of it. This is a particular aspect, a cameo.

What is this cameo "Brij Nath 'all this? What?

Well, it ... is in Delhi! In fact, the writer of the film - the family of his wife is from Delhi. Brij Nath And you know who is in Delhi. Thus, the name of New Delhi. Well, actually, the name of the wife's father Brij Nath. ! "Mission: Impossible", so it's like having a Brij Nath But the character I play is not in Delhi, I'm supposed to be a billionaire in Bangalore, but - j.. "Insists -.. it is a cameo, is a special Let me be very clear on behalf put the titles, so everyone is happy!


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