PlayStation Ra.One

Yes! You're seeing correctly. Ra.One prestigious project Shahrukh Khan, now the game will be one of the most popular game console in the world - the Sony PlayStation. The game is called Ra.One - Games and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has signed SRK for red chillies entertainment highlights this game. But the most exciting part of this game is that - the King Khan himself has developed the storyline of the game. Only the characters that you get to see the game is replicated on the characters of the film, and also transfer the sound for the same characters will be provided by Baadshah Khan.

Reportedly, the game will feature the main characters, who are Ra.One and G. One of them, and players can choose the character you want to play. The game will be launched in India in late September 2011 and the game is expected to act as a prequel to the real movie.

It can only mean one thing - Rocks and our King Khan!


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