Poonam Pandey, Promising To Keep His Promise!

If you thought that was leaked MMS in any way interfered with her, let us say that the bikini model Poonam Pandey admits that he likes the limelight and loves the fact that people can download his photos. On the video, he says, "It was not fake. Someone was shot during the photo shoot. I really want to meet this person, because I liked the video. I love it when people download my photos."

Poonam captured the limelight when he agreed to strip down when India won the World Cup, but pulled back at the last minute. However, she says that keeping his promise. "I tend to wait another four years of another Indian win Cabinet", he laughs and adds: "I have a surprise for my fans and I'm going to keep my promise I have said on the site netwroking social, I've already stripped 50 per The remaining one hundred will happen soon ... "

The girl's jaws are strong, said he had many offers from Bollywood claim. "I refused the 31 deals in 45 days!"

Do not believe everything he says!


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