Raima Eager To See His Mother, The Sex Scenes

Actress Raima Sen comes from a family where the action in its genes. His mother Moon Sen and grandmother Suchitra Sen has become famous actresses of the Bengali film industry. Thus, it was quite easy for the actress of 31 years to convince his family while making sizzling and intimate roles in movies.

As for reports, Raima E 'became very aware of her love scene in his latest film Mirch. In this film directed by Vinay Shukla, Raima is an intimate scene of making love to his co-star Arunodoy Singh, who was last seen in Aishah Sonam Kapoor starrer film '.

Mirch has four parallel stories that deals with women's sexuality from the perspective of women who are pretty honest about sex.

Raima room with a sequence shot but the director Arunodoy Vinay Shukla felt it was not passionate enough and asked him to shoot the scene again. He also believes that another actress Konkona Sen has also re-roll their sex scenes. Raima agreed to do it for the second time, the sequence was filmed in more developed countries.

But when Raima so that the last graphic detail, she was almost shocked to see that his game was very complete and Konkona scene was the same as it was before. The actress was almost in tears, and begged the director of moderate order. She felt embarrassed to think that what his mother would react to see this sequence too intimate.

Director has done its job, making his films more exciting with the re-shot sequence, and he seems to have no interest in toning down. Well, Raima you thought of this before going to bed so passionate with Arunodoy. Now, your mother has heard, at least through the media, so there is no feeling so shy about using!


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