RS, 2 Credits Too Inferior To Take Off TV ': Poonam

Flooded with offers to star in reality shows, Poonam Pandey model has his hands full now.

His life and his career went on a roller coaster ride since she volunteered to go commando for the World Cup winning Indian cricket team.

The men in blue made sure the trophy stayed home for the next four years, and Poonam had the time of his life, answering the question so important - so when she goes to the high promise? In a candid conversation, you have questioned about all this and more.

The first volley of shots was lanky girl regarding her appearance in a popular reality TV show. The buzz is that Poonam was offered a huge RS 2 crore to participate in the reality show. But 20 years says this is new for her.

"I have no idea that circulated the news. In fact, I found the offer when read on a website. He said he offered me a lot of their elimination in the show," said Poonam.

He adds: "But tell me, is not less than Rs 2 crore on the amount the band on national television? Offered me closer to reality TV 30-something, but I do not want to be known as a reality queen". " My goal is to prove my worth in Bollywood. "

When asked about her ventures into Bollywood, she said that there are currently some offers, but it is not much for them. Khan and A-list is on his mind. "Over the years, Salman Khan has worked with many newcomers, and I hope to be lucky too," she adds. Om Shanti Om, and Dabangg Band Baaja Baarat were all runaway hits of novices, and Poonam hoping for a first big bang similar to Bollywood.

With the evolving nature of the film laced with public swearing, abbreviations of the texts and a series of intimate scenes, will be accepted and appreciated at the box office.

"The public taste is changing rapidly and we can see how the song DK Bose has become such a popular success. Heroines are willing to put in bikinis and even do intimate scenes. The audience has changed, and I'm no different, "she said.

"As a person I am bold enough and honest, and it shows in my work too. I can draw as many bold scenes or action sequences as required by the script. I am the actor a director," says Poonam.

It focuses on a career in the secret of his success. In fact, he has just bought a new Mercedes, which is to give to his father. "It 'a surprise for him. He always wanted his own Mercedes and I'm just fulfilling


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