Salman Khan And Brothers - Dabanng 2

If someone in Bollywood must be associated with Dabanng concept, it must be our Sallu Bhai. No wonder fans were just ecstatic with the side Dabanng Salman in the film, which makes Dabanng the second biggest hit of all time in Hindi cinema. While the first version had Arbaaz Khan, the producer of Dabanng play a crucial role as Makkhi Singh in the film, the sequel also Sohail Khan. Sohail even asked both Arbaaz and Salman to make it a part of this project. And of course, the big brother of Salman readily obliged. So we get to see all three Khans of Dabanng 2, which is actually run by Arbaaz Khan, even after the differences he had with Abhinav Singh Kashyap, director of Dabanng.

Sohail Khan is also preparing to shoot his next project Sher Khan with brother Salman Khan. Salman Khan is very difficult for the preparation of Sher Khan and some scenes will also have some rash acts by our Sallu Bhai that the script asks him to go face to face with tigers in the film. Yaar hai Dabanng Sachmuch!


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