Salman Khan Mugdha Godse Your Money Back Dead

Salman Khan is always willing to help. Recently, Mugdha Godse was the lucky one who helped my husband with a heart of gold.

Mugdha worked Jail perception of corporate film, directed Bhandarkar Madhuri in 2009. However, he did not have to reach Rs. 6 lakhs to act to pay the project during this time. Mugdha Production House had approached several times to cancel the payment request, but returned a little 'more than empty promises and assurances.

Now, after two years he worked in the film, Mugdha taken as a last resort, and Salman Khan has asked to intervene to help him get the money back. He met Khan is a celebrity cricket match a couple of weeks ago and asked a question. Salman immediately translated into action, and met with the PPC honcho Shailendra Singh, who was in the same game and discussed the issue and the payment is stopped Mugdha.

Shailendra Singh, obviously, could not ignore the words of Salman and a couple of hours Mugdha got the paycheck.

Mugdha is delighted after receiving the money long time and says Salman Khan is a "true hero" for her.


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