Salman To Do A Remake Of Magadheera: Kajal

Kajal Aggarwal believes that all his films are Telugu remake of the great value and Salman Khan is the best choice for the remake of Hindi Magadheera.

Kajal Aggarwal is also a growing list of actors that I was born and raised in Mumbai, but have made a successful career in South Indian cinema. He saw action opposite Ajay Devgn Singham next film. In an exclusive interview Gaurav Malani, speaking of movies of Bollywood and South and how he wants all his films in Hindi, Telugu repeated.

No (Vivek-Ash starrer) Kyun Ho Gaya Na with your debut!

Kyun Ho Gaya Na I did when I was in ninth grade! I was a child then. Therefore I consider my debut Hindi Singham. At that time, acting was never on my mind and education was a priority. I wanted to pursue MBA, but I firmly believe in destiny, I think we have other plans for me.

When the film Telugu, Bollywood was the obvious next step?

Never in my career developed strategies as such. I never expected that I wanted to start in the Hindi film, having worked in some Telugu movies. I have the luck that things were naturally fall into place so far.

Singham in particular were responsible for finding an actress in the south of the Tamil version?

Not really! Rohit Shetty wanted a new face for the film, but also with a background working for her. They did not have time to teach anyone. When they saw my film Magadheera is a huge success in the South, they felt that I was perfect for the part Singham.

Considering that this is an action movie male, how much do you have?

It's also a sweet romantic story attached Singham. Even if I have a brief role in Singham, is an important part. I do not think that the signal of display modes that define given the ability to operate. And I personally believe that even if the task is short, the impact on the character does at that time is important.

Ajay Devgn is known to be a fun-master. Do you fall prey to his jokes?

Ajay is a wonderful actor and pulled a prank on me the first day itself. I was asked to mourn for a scene and, later, I realized that the camera was not rolling at all. But I think it was a good way to break the ice.

What he learned from Ajay Devgn?

The ability to get into character when the rolls and cut off from scene when the director says cut. The ease with which it does, it is remarkable.

What is the best film - Tamil or Hindi Singham?

And 'unfair to say that each version is better than the others. But I think it is a Hindi version of the changes, which would be the feelings of the audience of Hindi. Although the female lead (Anushka Shetty) is the original character of Tamil, Maharashtrian we moved to Goa in Hindi.

How good were you in Hindi?

I was born and raised in Bombay, Marathi and Hindi and comes very easily to me.

In this case, how comfortable you felt when you started Telugu language in the South?

At first, I had to work very hard on the tongue, but now, after four years of experience, I am very fluent with it. I'm still learning Tamil.

Want one of his films remade in the south of Bollywood?

All my films are a great value for a remake, but did not say. And 'the more the director a call. But if you ask me, I would not want all my films South repeated in Hindi.

If Magadheera was repeated in Hindi, a hero of Bollywood can pull off the character?

Magadheera the male lead in a lot of heroism in their attitude and body language. Many Bollywood actors have the potential to play the lead in Magadheera. Choose a difficult task, but I guess that Salman would be more appropriate for the role.


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