Shah Rukh Is A Typical Dilliwala: Uvika Chaudhary

Shah Rukh Khan is a man very cold - it's a "fan" as enthusiastic as Uvika Chaudhary (remember the girl who played the heroine of "false", "Om Shanti Om"?).

She only stayed in New Delhi in a few months in college before going to Mumbai for a career in movies. But when she came to town recently to promote his upcoming film "Khap," the actress said she could not help running out of Delhi, and has made during the filming of "OSO ", which Shah Rukh has a passion for the capital.

A Uvika said: "It's a typical Dilliwala. He carried out both with hard work, but never forget to give thanks to God. He has much respect for women, you know, family values. I said, it sounds like my brother. We talked a lot about Dilli Ki Chaat Delhi ..., Dilli ka yeh, Dilli Ka Woh Gallis ... We talk about the city. Dilliwalas When two meet, they can talk about the city without end. " Or at least one of them can, of course!


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