We Do Not Need Censorship In Art: Tisca Chopra

The beautiful lady and beautiful that simply does not look his age does not follow too well these days.

"My health has gone well and I remember very well in recent times. It is not easy to balance movies, marriage, work with NGOs and writing. But I'm not complaining," said the actress, who was of films like Taare Zameen Par, Dil Hai Toh Bacchos Firaaq and Ji.

Tisca have more than one reason to be happy. She has three films scheduled for publication: 10 ml of Love, Love and a Punjabi film ruptures Zindagi Khushiyaan. "In Love ruptures Zindagi, I play a teacher brave animated, which refuses to marry and to believe in true love. 10 ml Love has already won a nomination for best actress for me to Indian Film Festival in New York. As my punjabi film is half way to New York and half in the interiors of Punjab. Later that year, I will also start working on another international project, "she shares.

Talking about his journey in the film, Tisca said: "I am very satisfied with the kind of films I've done recently not many actresses a chance to reinvent itself continuously and I was really lucky that way it .. was really nice to do something different every time. But when it comes to our profession, you must be greedy and I want to do better films in the coming days. "

Tisci, who has a talent for writing, is very busy, ready for his book. "It keeps me fully bonded - not fiction, and focuses on the business are also developing a screenplay and hope to complete it soon." He shares. So take advice from a well-known writer Khushwant Singh, who happens to be his uncle Grand? "No, because it is in Delhi and who do not like very well, I did not have a word with him about it. So I will send him the script, once I did," he says.

Since her husband is his fiercest critic, who in his films, has enjoyed the most? 'Taare Zameen Par, no doubt. He has seen at least five times, "he says.

A woman who works, who is balancing home after marriage is certainly not a joke. "It is not easy. But I do not believe in piling stuff and it helps. If you dedicate yourself to a half hour each day for things that need attention, it is clear," she feels.

Tisca And how can relax after a busy schedule? "I do not let the atmosphere is heavy on the sets and have fun whenever I am an avid reader too and I'm re-reading The God Delusion and a new earth: .. The purpose of waking life I also liked seeing Delhi belly. The is a laugh riot and all those who protested against the language used in the movie, I do not need censorship in art, "she said, while signs.


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