Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Divorce: True Or False? Documents Have Been Made?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorce is pending, is not it? Well, this last part is in the air. While JLo and Marc publicly announced their separation on July 15, apparently because of their actual divorce not yet been presented.

So if this is true, one wonders, if Lopez and Anthony of divorce is real or if it was invented media caused a stir in his career. Frankly, Marc's career could be done better in the United States. And both Jennifer and Marc know how to play and manipulate the media to get more prizes for himself.

The couple's recent dismissal was set Aug. 10 in New York, Tony Hamptons, where the source has heard their exchange.

The source added: "They have not even filed separation papers, she asked Mark if they could talk about Jennifer is working so hard, but it is wrong, she does not like being alone, and she and Marc are on a roller coaster right now .... Jennifer kept the divisions and return to Diddy and Ben Affleck. Perhaps she would do the same with Mark. "

Hmmm, that may be involved. One can only hope that regardless of what that Lopez and Anthony are going through, their children were cared for and left out the drama.

We hope that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is not possible to avoid divorce by working through what they are. Do not end up together, people are bigger and stronger after going through this journey.


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