John Abraham Showing Pure Energy, Raw Force

John Abraham streak biker took a new turn. The actor, known for his love of cycling and riding some of the most whimsical bicycles, are now seen to do something else with them. Recently during the shooting of his latest film Action Group, John was one of the action sequences more difficult.

For one of the action scenes in the film, John had to get a great bike and throw it. The interesting thing is that Johnny Boy has decided to do it all by itself without the need for security measures or booster cables

Pulsar bike, which can face the wrath of the film, John, weighs approx.150 kg and definitely need a lot of strength and energy to take a heavy bike without any help. John Abraham has worked a lot on his current role and has developed an incredible body. Since most of the action sequences are more than just a physical weapons and gadgets, John decided to try the trick without wires / cables connected to it and a lot of everyone's surprise, is set, he pulled it out perfectly. It took him a couple of shots and a lot of work to pull a heavy makeup.


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