Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu Is A Hot Day, And Mind Blowing

What happens when two divas of Bollywood screen space of actions by a pop video that promises to have the foot tapping music? So Priyanka Chopra (in a grunge look) and Bipasha Basu (in a zip tight) will soon be seen in a song called "Mind Blowing" on the last album of Ganesh Hegde Lets Party.

The song had four days of shooting in a studio in Mumbai sees the two ladies dancing to the singing style number of hip-hop and choreographed by Ganesh himself.

Speech to the same Ganesh Hegde said: "Both Priyanka and Bipasha embodies all the qualities I raving about the song. I was with each of them one day and shoot was a breeze. "

Talking about the look and feel of the song, he adds, "Bipasha marginal sport, hoops and zip robe gypsy the strip had the idea of ​​Bipasha. She loved the song instantly and I wanted a look that was different everything you've seen on screen before. It looks like a rock star! Priyanka also black, but his look is really beautiful. "


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