Priyanka Chopra To Play The Chords On The Right

The fact that Priyanka Chopra can sing well enough is not new. Not surprisingly, the voices that have made the rounds in January Priyanka, who will release her debut album Music. But it is now official. Priyanka is almost ready with his music album.

The album, which will be produced by Universal and Group Views Forum contains ten pop songs. The album will be released next year around the world.

A classically trained singer Western Priyanka is currently in the studio writing and recording his first pop album in English. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, she said: "I wanted the album is in English, as it would have global appeal. However, this does not detract from my Indian roots. My music always reflects the culture of India. Also, do not forget that music is universal, not language. "

His father, Dr. Ashok Chopra is the inspiration behind the album, Priyanka said: "My father and I sat often and gives me a lot of entries. I incorporate them. I rely on instinct and instinct."

Because it was a top Bollywood actress, has not been an easy walk for Priyanka to enter the mode of singing. "I religiously practice the last six months. The end result is beautiful. "Is it feeling on top of the world, we asked. Pat came the reply:" I always felt on top of the world. "


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