Shahrukh And Salman To Compete At The Box Office

The competition between the Bollywood film released the same day is not new, but this time between the end of the film will be released in several days. Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan in front of the box office than the two publications is a full-length movies and bodyguard Don 2

Salman Khan 'Bodyguard' is scheduled for August 31 and after the success of Dabaang and ready, he will try to win again at the box office. But this time the number one spot will not be easy to realize that Khan 'Don 2' with Shahrukh will be published Dec. 23. Both films are thrillers and action have high expectations for them.

The release of two movies to decide which one will end up being Khan, who stars in Bollywood. Two is not known as each other and on several occasions made public feud.


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