Songs From Bollywood To Expect: Priyanka Chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra, the winner of the National and Western-trained classical singer, is currently in the United States, recording his debut album in British pop. When the actor Twitter Friday morning on its Web site, micro-blogging site Twitter was full of congratulatory messages from fans

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and colleagues, including Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta.

A couple of months, it was reported that he intended to cut an album in collaboration with the pop star, a friend of Lady Gaga. And yet, Troy Carter, who also handles the work of Lady Gaga is handling international music missions. Making it work?

"I love working with her because she is very talented and a wonderful man," beams Priyanka. "But it is too early in the day to announce that all work on the album with the name of national or international. And it is certainly not the album that I was" reported "to work with Lady Gaga. Be that as it may, we just started recording. So when we are a little more to it, perhaps we can think of unions and make some important announcements. "

Salim Salim-Suleiman DUO composer for the former Miss World is the label last year. "This was in preparation, but it was a closely guarded secret until now. I've always loved music and singing. I sang a line or two of me, a version of Khuda Khair Ya ... (Billu). But Despite offers, I took singing, because I was not ready to deal with two careers. But this time, I took the plunge, "Priyanka said, adding that the label has not decided on a release date album. He, however, indicate that it will be on the shelves in India and the United States, at the same time.

So we'll find her singing for Bollywood movies for her and two colleagues as well? "Not immediately. Playback can wait," Priyanka said, firmly. "My career goes along, but for now, the album is my priority. But I sing of Bollywood in the future."


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