Taylor Swift Welcomed The Announcement In New Pretty Perfume

It seems that every celebrity is jumping on the bandwagon of perfume, and Taylor Swift is the latest to put his signature fragrance in the market, and with the slogan "the beginning of something magical," is probably the first of many more.

Scent Swift was a personal project, inspired by the title "Enchanted." "I wrote the words," I asked, blushing all the way home, "the song" Enchanted "for the first time you meet someone," she said. "A smell can help shape the first impression of a person and the memory of you. It's exciting to think that will play a surprising role in the creation of some of those memories."

It may have been publicly abandoned (looking at you, Joe Jonas), but apparently is ready to start making happily ever afters a gourmand floral fragrance with fruity notes and dynamics, including raspberry and apple blossoms, and a touch of golden amber and sandalwood. Delish


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