Venice Film Festival: Kate Winslet, Explains The Projectile Vomiting

 Kate Winslet really it all: a career in A-list, a body to die for and a strong team of projectile vomiting.

You've heard. Winslet, Venice Film Festival with his sweeping robes adorable and dangerous curves, is a pro to throw her cookies on the camera.

Pictures: Stories from the Venice Film Festival 2011

In Roman Polanski directed "Carnage", Kate Winslet plays a neurotic woman and a mother who loses her lunch in a seemingly civilized session between two pairs to discuss a battle between his school for the children.

"I had to contain a large amount of vomit in the mouth that is not possible for a person to do," the actress said Thursday at a press conference for the film. "So, without going into too much detail, was a platform rather complex, and there were some extremely intelligent CGI involved."

In reality, leads a glamorous life. While the "Exorcist" moment can leave a bad taste in the mouth that act of courage in recent Winslet help Richard Branson's mother, a tragic fire escape luxury Necker Island. If not, there is always sawdust.


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