Rihanna Shows "skin" Armani Sexy Video

This is the first fashion vid Riri for the clothing company, because the sign to be their spokesperson.

In the clip, we see the bodyguard in search of a mysterious duffle bag by the carrier and give it to a blond Rihanna impatiently sat in the back seat, and the older cars. Then he shakes off his new clothes and dress. All this, we will see a couple of quick shots of her body, including legs, thighs and stomach. Ironically, his song "Skin" is playing on your car radio.

Later, Rihanna sneaks the car and she's wearing tight jeans and leather jacket with zip Armani. Then the man stumbles messaging in an elevator with an outfit similar to Riri. We assume that this implies that women can do equally well in leather and denim and men. After watching this video, you can not argue with that.

Lately we have seen Rihanna blond streak going in a different way to spread. Since the last time I was dressed in a pop diva Marilyn Monroe style BOB latest edition of British Vogue magazine. We must admit that we have to dig him a light. What Armani, "a short film," the goddess look is fresh and smooth Barbados.


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