Rakhi Sawant lambasts Kangna Ranaut!

Rakhi Sawant is furious and fuming at the comments Kangna Ranaut Kangna on Mika kiss uproar. Kangna after apparently refusing to participate in a lip lock with singer Mika Singh for a meeting, held and fired a salvo in the controversy queen.

"I'm not Rakhi Sawant to do something like that" (Mika Kiss), she had to say. This has angered Rakhi, who shot back, "How dare Kangna do his thing for publicity, shot my shoulder. I've never kissed Mika. He had the power planted one on me and the world knows. Kangna If so much publicity hungry, should she kissed Mika for the song and become famous. Why turn to speak Rakhi Sawant to get the mileage. "

Now, now! Rakhi know, you better eat your words Kangna or quickly apologize to her for "dragging on the image, or Rakhi Kangna could roll in the national media." With the battle lines, a new war seems to have started here ", laughs Rakhi is a publicist Dale Bhagwagar.