Hrithik’s guzaarish accepted

Welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court in favor of passive euthanasia for patients with incurable stay ill, Hrithik Roshan, who played a paraplegic in director Sanjay Leela Bansal from "Guzaarish, said he could not achieve pain of a patient who has lost all mobility.

Hrithik says it is a good start, and eventually it will be easier for society to accept it. "Any action that ends invariably suffers in any form, be tolerated. Euthanasia should be permitted in appropriate circumstances," he said.

"This is a good start, and when you develop a company is easier to see the September issue of euthanasia, the concept of a gift to those who are suffering so much, what you and I can not even imagine," said Hrithik.

The Supreme Court has issued a fine of passive euthanasia, where the High Court accepted the case. The process of withdrawal of life support medications and / or life-support systems for patients who are brain dead or a permanent vegetative state (PVS), while their families and doctors to express their approval of the Court of Justice


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