Angela Ex Ranbir Would Make A Serial Number

Born in Chennai, a father and an Icelandic mother Mangalorean, 21, model Angela Jonsson argues that being half-Indian has no objection to make big in Bollywood film industry more.

"I do not think the Indian turned impedes access to more Bollywood. In fact, I like to think I was blessed with the best of both worlds," Angela said by telephone from Mumbai.

There was a time when the half-Indian and foreigners were only offered the typical roles, but the scenario has changed since the experimental scripts come into play, said the best model in the news for its merger with actor Ranbir Kapoor.

"In addition, the industry has become open and encourage newcomers. Movies newcomers seem to be a good response at the box office. I'm hoping the best for me too," he added.

Fair, slim and trim young girl scene with the entertainment industry began when Angela won the Kingfisher Model Hunt 2011 calendar, and left the 2011 edition of the calendar feature.

But what has earned him the spotlight is his link-up as a star Ranbir.

Is this going to help you get a boost in the industry?

"Much has been written about this. And so far, and now, I do not want to comment. It 's a personal thing, and I want what is personal," he said.

What Angela focusing on improving his game, which was not in its scheme of things until a few months back.

She takes dance, diction and acting classes to improve their chances of finding work in Bollywood.

"I want to be good at my job before getting into something. It was important for me to enroll in a course of action, a class to improve my Hindi diction and dance classes. Once ready, should begin to audition seriously, "said Angela.

Dance is something Angela has always been passionate, and she thinks it might be an advantage for her in the film industry.

"I've always loved the stage. But I never thought I'd get to work. I learned a different dance for a long time. Dancing is a big thing in Bollywood, so I hope that talent will help me grow," he said.

Encouraged by the success of songs like "Sheila Jawaan ki" and "Munni badnaam hui", Angela, who is now based in Mumbai, Bandra, said he is open to the "numbers" as well.

"I would not make a product number. Why! Most important actresses have done, and these songs are furious. Loved Item is" wow "factor, and this is what they are there for the film. Of course, I would bother to do it. "


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