"I Am Not Dating Shekhar Kapur"

Mumbai Sonila Dedhia

Since he danced down the red carpet at the Cannes premiere of Shekhar Kapur documentaries, Bollywood: the greatest love story ever told, people stopped to watch.

But Fagun Thakrar is not a hired dancer, graduated MBBS who abandoned his medical career to become an actor.

In an exclusive interview, said Fagun Sonila Dedhia to its outline on the red carpet, her film and purifies the air around Shekhar Kapur of "demand".

What were you doing in Cannes?

I was in Cannes to launch my fashion line, The Fagun collection. Recently I designed my own collection of sophisticated clutch with Swarovski crystals, available exclusively in the United States.

A portion of proceeds going to the NGO 'Sahara', where I is the international spokesperson.

How did you meet with Shekhar Kapur?

We met through a mutual friend. We were all together and that's how we got to know.

Is it true that your computer has changed to meet the demand for Shekhar Kapur?

After we met, Shekhar asked me to dance on the red carpet at the premiere of his documentary. After accepting, he asked me what I wear.

I had a formal dress, but it was clear that I could dance to it. So I chose a blue dress designed by Shaikh and Wahab and showed it to him but Shekhar wanted to look more sexy. He wanted me to wear a choli and the reason I had to cut it.


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