Ileana Denies Cat Fight With Priyanka

Ileana actress denied recent reports of his "cat fight" with Priyanka Chopra course the duration of operation in Anurag Basu Barfee forthcoming Hindi film. It has been said earlier that Ileana has insisted on "extra" images in the romantic comedy.

"He was shocked by the news of these rumors have emerged even before we started shooting the film. Although she has met Ranbir Kapoor once he has not even met Priyanka," a source close to Ileana said.

The source added that if the paper had not been difficult, the South Superstar would not have signed the film B-town, in the first place. "Director Anurag Basu recorded and important leadership roles for both Priyanka and Ileana, so there is no place for stupid cat fight," said another source.

Apparently, the problems of Ileana and Priyanka with their roles from the outset. Although Priyanka plays the role of a young girl with an intellectual disability, Ileana is the romantic lead. Buzz has it that the team desperately trying to calm Barfee the two rival queens.


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