Anushka Sharma, Ranvir Singh breakup

It seems that all is not well between the band led Baaja Baraat Anuskha Sharma and Ranvir Singh.

Recently at the 2011 IIFA ceremony the two were spotted showing their backs to another. This is mainly because the success and jealousy come in through the "love birds".

Ranvir who have an act Sonakshi Sinha on the feature was definitely not taken ayivayi ayivayi daughter. In fact, even Anuskha Ranvir fired for being so sweet they Dabanga lead. Their struggle was a matter open for guests at IFA. When the fight was out of their room the two refused to talk to each other and forget any exchange of pleasantries.

More over, it seems that Anuskha signing films with big stars like Shahrukh industry B, Ajay and large banners gave him another reason to move away from the relationship.

It seems that the time is split and disintegration of this year, guess who is going to break the news first!


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