"Deepika Rana Was The Only Option"

Rajinikanth stars Rana not stop making new ones. Even as the mega-star gets in Singapore, reports have shown that Sonakshi Sinha - and not Deepika Padukone - was the first choice for risk KS Ravikumar big-budget director.

Ravi Kumar is not amused with these negotiations. "Where do they come? Sonakshi We do not even think or talk to him, Rana," says Ravi Kumar. Sources close to Deepika too surprised by these reports. They say they have offered Deepika Rana and Kamal Hassan Vishwaroopam at the same time. But he had a dilemma of his availability and projects, since both films were huge and ask him to do a lot of activity.

Ask about Vishwaroopam Deepika and says diplomatically. "I do not talk about the projects that have not signed it does not make sense to speak of these films, I could not do for various reasons, it would be disrespectful (for manufacturers) ".

Going back to Rana, Ravikumar said that Rajinikanth wished to join him Deepika in the film. "We, including Rajni sir, is glad Deepika made the film," he said. "She plays the lead. Other players will only have cameos." In fact waiting for months for AA Rajni dates Deepika. "I'm really honored that Mr. Rajni reworked its dates for me and I was fortunate to be part of such a large project," said Deepika.


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