Katrina Kaif Ranbir Choose More Than Aamir Khan

Katrina kaif actress chose to Aditya Chopra Dhoom 3 to work with Ranbir Kapoor in the ex-boyfriend Karan Johar next. But, unfortunately, the dates of both films collide, leaving Kat confusion.

As a source tells the tabloid, "Adi said Aamir can move its dates for the actor. And Ranbir date can not be moved because it is a packed schedule. So the only option was to Katrina, to choose the movies . Adi spoke with Kara on the phone, and have jointly decided that Kara Katrina film should do. "

The source said: "It was a difficult decision for Katrina as well. She was eager to work with Aamir, and is very discouraged that opportunity."

Katrina is very upset with how things turned out for her. The loss of a film with Aamir Khan is certainly painful.


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