Mother Bipasha Makes Debut Flight

Bipasha Basu is the mother seems to take after her daughter so the modeling is concerned!

Beautiful mother of the actress made her debut with the ramp of her beloved daughter to a brand of jewelry that Bipasha adopts an exhibition of jewelry.

It is the first time that Bipasha's mother was seen doing the catwalk and it was something noble.

A pleasure Bipasha revealed, "I walked the ramp with my mother for the first time for Gitanjali in collaboration with Beti, against female feticide."

Winning the support she has taken the initiative to bring awareness to the cause, Bipasha said: ". In our country, the strength of a girl is underestimated, I come from a family of three sisters, all three of us were given all kinds of opportunities and encouragement of our parents! "

So how does a super model turned actress mother interest to walk the ramp, we wonder. "It 'the first time was so confident, I was very nervous, though," said Bipasha.


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