Priyanka Chopra "

He is not in the mood to celebrate his birthday today, because the atmosphere of the city following the bomb blasts. It is a quiet and private dinner for a select few. Read all about your special day ...

What is the significance of birthdays in your life?

Birthdays are my "Me Time". The first day, when I get to do what you want and just be! And I can intimidate everyone around me to make my auction! What fun!

What are your plans for this birthday?

Following this week, I do not think I'm going to do much more ... maybe just a quiet dinner with people I care about.

Any favorite cake?

I do not have a lot of cake for the person ... But I do not like the cut, and destroying people's faces on her birthday! I do not have a favorite type, unless you count Christmas plum cake. Oops! Now, someone has to go find me one for my birthday!

After cutting the cake, you feed the first piece?


Your most memorable birthday so far?

As far as I can remember every birthday is a special event, and each of them is still a very clear even today. That's because my parents the standard ... end face and create a tradition to ensure that my birthday was everything I dreamed ... year after year.

A birthday present you the most expensive ....

It's not really a gift but the thought and effort that goes behind it that is most important to me. And I had a lot of those moments!

If you could invite three people for your birthday, which would you choose?

In no particular order ... Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, and the poet Rumi (if he were alive today).

How do you deal with friends that forget your birthday?

I really need to answer this question? Of course, it is unacceptable, and has a high price to pay to do this to me!

Your review of the actresses who hide their age ...

For each of her!

If you must celebrate the birthday of Twitter, as the party looks like?

A huge, 24-hour global Pajama Party ...


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