Ranveer-Anushka Opening Your Status

Anushka-Rannveig has been in the news about their relationship status for some time now. In fact, they were the most talked about couple in Bollywood.

The famous TV talk of India's most coveted, both Anushka and Rannveig on it, but individually, they spoke openly of their relationship.

Ranveer Singh opened and said: "Anna is a beautiful girl, but now I have time for a girlfriend. You need to have time for a girlfriend. Right now I'm starting and I'm very self-centered. We fought hard!"

Anushka, who will be featured in the episode this week, said she adds: "If I have to be" I like it, is attractive, but we are two very different. "Another man, you need to calm down or not be a good relationship ... We (Ranveer and Anushka) have a very volatile relationship, which can kill each other and I mean it. I can bite the head can take mine. "

Well, only they know what is the truth


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